Top Trends of Kitchen Countertops in Alexandria to Follow

trends of kitchen countertop in Alexandria

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If you’re planning a remodel, here’s what you need to know about the latest trends of kitchen countertops in AlexandriaEven today, the most popular kitchen countertops are still granite and quartz. The fascinating thing here is quartz may even overtake granite a few years down the line. 

One of the best trends of kitchen countertops in Alexandria is keeping the main island thicker than your counters. This way, your island will be the focal point, and your worktop can blend cohesively with the rest of the room. 

Quartz is Here to Stay

quartz trends in kitchen countertops Alexandria
Image by Ryan Doka from Pixabay

Quartz is the perfect amalgamation of natural and manufactured materials, which gives a superior function over many other surfaces. Similarly, it is naturally scratch-resistant and requires no sealing, polishing, or reconditioning. This makes quartz one of the best alternatives to granite countertops.

Also, when you’re buying quartz, you can choose from an array of on-trend colors and styles to complement your kitchen. Its non-porous properties will also resist any stains from tea, coffee, wine, gravy, and many other agents. 

Granite Trends in Alexandria

Granite is, however, the most popular kitchen countertop choice. It’s durable, extra sturdy, elegant, scratch, and spill-proof. The only drawback here is that you have to reseal it every couple of years for it to last longer. 

Sustainable Materials Are Shining

Nowadays, homeowners allow raw, sustainable materials like wood and butcher blocks to shine. Butcher block is heat resistant, while wood is repairable and low-maintenance. 

They come in various colors, shapes, and styles. This way, homeowners can change the look and feel of their kitchen as and when they like. These countertop materials work beautifully in a farmhouse and transitional kitchen. 

Solid Surfaces

solid surface kitchen counter
Image by justinedgecreative from Pixabay

Solid Surface also is a non-porous material. It needs no sealing, repels water, and is stain-resistant. 

The quality surpasses expectations, especially since it is an affordable countertop material. Similarly, it’s low-maintenance, easy to clean, and will not harbor any bacteria or dirt. It is available in several colors and textures. 

Kitchen Sinks That Make a Statement 

The trends in today’s time are not limited to just the kitchen countertops. Sinks play an immense role in lifting the entire design, and we can’t get enough of sinks that make a statement. People are moving away from integrated sinks and opting for oversized, matte, mixed metal sinks along for their countertops.

Neutrals with a Splash 

neutral kitchen color countertop
Image by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay

Unexpected neutral in combination with bold colors is the new ongoing kitchen countertop trend in Alexandria. Homeowners love the look of neutral beige or greige (gray + beige) with a bold jewel tone backsplash. 

Furthermore, spaces are getting smaller, and natural light is a deal-breaker in a kitchen; neutral tones will help open up space even more. It will result in an airy, fresh, spacious room that shouts modern-day elegance. 

Countertops and Creativity 

Homeowners are opting for new and creative countertops with some character. While marble and granite offer just that, quartz can offer so much more. 

With technology, you can get any color, pattern, and texture you like minus the cons of natural stone. You can create the most stunning veins and compelling swirls. 

This custom countertop piece will boost your creative personality, unlike any other. Honed or polished finished are trending, but leathered finishes are the most durable in the long run. 

A Trend to Avoid

Porcelain is on the opposite side of the spectrum. It breaks, chips, and scratches easily, the maintenance costs a fortune, and it isn’t practical. You might want to consider avoiding this kitchen countertop trend in Alexandria. 

What do you think of the ever-changing color palettes redefining the kitchen? Do you think these materials make your list of trends in kitchen countertopş in Alexandria this year? 



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